food characters by alphawham

As I mentioned in my previous post, Going round In Circles, I was working on a couple of other ideas and here they are. I love my food so I thought I would draw a couple of edible characters. This small set of illustrations has already given me another idea which I started on last night. Once I have finished them I might get round to trying a few colour variations for these little dudes.

Do you have a favourite? I quite like the Pizza guy and he’ll probably be the first one to be coloured in.

shaker character illustration by alphawham

pizza character illustration by alphawham

hotdog character illustration by alphawham

ham character illustration by alphawham

egg character illustration by alphawham

Donut character illustration by alphawham

Burger character illustration by alphawham

Anyone Hungry?
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character concept

Happy Friday everyone. I’ve only managed to sketch a couple of character drawings this week but hopefully I’ll put the finishing touches to a couple of others over the weekend. I think this one was inspired by a hamster I saw on the One Show running around in it’s wheel. I’m looking forward to colouring it.


You might recognise the bottom half of this drawing from a previous sketch. Well I wasn’t happy with the character who was riding this creature so I revisited it and came up with this. The hamster thing got me thinking about what kind of pets or animals would exist in their weird and wacky world and how the characters would interact with them and it’s got me thinking. I started playing around with the concept that they are really fast and if you were to be brave enough to ride one it might melt your face. Not sure if I’ll edit it out or keep it in yet, we’ll see.

Have a good weekend and I might have another post for you on Sunday or early next week.

In a GIF
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A quick GIF…


alphawham characters

I’ve only managed to add colour to 5 of the recent character sketches so far but what a colourful bunch they are. What do you think of them?

alphawham charactersalphawham charactersalphawham charactersalphawham illustrationsalphawham characters

wacom cintiq companion character illustration

As you can see I’ve been having fun sketching these little characters on my Wacom Cintiq Companion. It’s already having an impact on my productivity and being able to doodle whenever or wherever when I have a spare 30 minutes is really valuable. I’ve darkened the sketches below so they’re a little easier to see on the white background but I’m looking forward to inking these and and experimenting with a splash of colour.

Do you have a favourite?

wacom cintiq companion sketching

character design alphawham

character design alphawham

character design alphawham

wacom character sketch

Character faces by alphawham

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started using my Wacom Cintiq Companion and it’s been nice to put the fire on and spend the evening sketching ideas whilst sat on the sofa although the missus probably disagrees with that statement!

As you can see from the previous post I have already progressed from this stage but I wanted to share with you the initial rough illustration drafts . For those who are interested I’m using Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro, when I’m in tablet mode, which lets you export files to PSD and I then transfer them to my Macbook via Dropbox to start outlining in Photoshop in Cintiq mode.

Hand poses by alphawham

Sofa Sketching
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Sunday Morning Doodles
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Who doesn’t enjoy a couple of doodles on a Sunday morning…

Toys, Prints & Books
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Santa decided to treat me to some new books, prints and another Yum Yum London toy, this time it was…

Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid
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After a lot of research, thinking and deliberating I finally upgraded from my Intuos 5 to the Wacom Cintiq Companion…


Yum Yum London Hotdog toy

At the end of November we visited New York for the first time and to coin an American term it was AWESOME. I’ve included a handful of photos below but I could have added hundreds more. There was so much to see and do and going over before Thanksgiving Day meant we could enjoy Macy’s Parade. We had to be up early to get a spot at the front of the crowds but it was worth it for the photos.

I even had chance to visit myplasticheart to pick up my first Yum Yum London character who now happily sits on my desk. As expected there was a lot of street art and graffiti more in downtown than the main areas of the City and even vans had been turned into mobile murals.

Spider Man Macy's Parade

Statue of Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge New York

Empire State Building New York

New York

New York

Yum Yum London in NYC
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